Construction Update


February 12, 2006

All but done

It appears to us that there isn't much left to do, so this week we mostly enjoy using our new facilities. Take a look at the pictures. You can expect future updates to be a little more sporadic.



January 28, 2006

Moving Along

Your website photography team was out of town last week, so we have two weeks of progress to report. As we approach the end of the project, we still see progress, but you have to look a little harder. But we're also happy to see that the new spaces are being used and to find members moving into the new areas as well ac tidying up after all the construction activity.


January 12, 2006

Measured Progress

The answer to the question, "Why is it taking so long?" can be found in this weeks picture story.


January 05, 2006


New doors are added to make our church more welcoming


December 28, 2005

Back to Work

The party's over so let's get back to work. Click on the link below to see the what's going on this week.


December 22, 2005

A Christmas Card

In addition to celebrating the progress on the construction, this week we have much more to celebrate. Click on the "pictures" link below for a sample of both the decorations and the construction progress.


December 13, 2005

The key word this week is "lift". Click on pictures below to hear more about it and see the latest pictures.


December 7, 2005

The building project continues with final work being done on the elevator, lift and on the exterior doors. The ceiling of the Grand Foyer is in place.


December 1, 2005

Construction continues to make progress, and my level of anticipation is high.  We hope to use the Nursery for the first time this Sunday at both services.  The Grand Foyer has a ceiling and heat...or so we hope.  You should be able to enter via the main entrance off the parking lot, but if not, the old office entrance will be available so you don't need to travel around outside.  Even Mary and Joseph have found a new location by the church sign as they await the birth of Jesus.  We plan to decorate the sanctuary on Saturday, December 17th following a class on Christmas Bow making.


November 24, 2005

There has been more progress on the drywall in the foyer (closing up what was open) and also a new railing in the balcony (opening up the view of the sanctuary.)


November 17, 2005

Putting up drywall in the foyer


November 10, 2005

Construction continues as doorknobs are added, stairs are redone, and the Grand Foyer lift is readied. It is brighter as well.


November 3, 2005

The chancel floor is finished. It is not slippery, but I misstepped during the baptism as I carried Kendall to be introduced to you. My thanks to Warren Saur for improving the pulpit (come and see what I mean) as well as the lectern. We continue to wait and see how we are using the chancel area and sound system before we introduce the railing into the floor. This week we have made great progress as the divider walls for downstairs have been delivered, first floor restrooms are completed, and we have hot water.


October 27, 2005

We are warm and almost accessible.  It seems that much of what we are waiting for will require at least another week.  The altar floor has it's first coat of stain and varnish and looks beautiful- two more will be added next week so we tread softly this weekend.  The final shape of the building is easy to visualize, and the workers will hopefully need less than 6 weeks to finish.  We continue to accommodate, not eliminate!  This weekend promises to be warm and sunny, so please come and see what is new at St. Paul's.


October 19, 2005

You can enter from the driveway through the old office door.  We have our own heat!  The gas has been connected and you can feel relatively comfy at church this Sunday.  Windows are in the Grand Foyer, work is almost done on the elevator, the downstairs is usable for SCS and Scouts, and we are nearing the home stretch.  Invite a friend to church.


October 13, 2005

If you have not seen the church building recently, you will be amazed at the difference a week makes.  We have been given a temporary certificate of occupancy for the downstairs, so we will be able to do the teaching of Sunday Church School in its regular area.  Come and see the new space.  The roof line is completed, the sound system has been added, the toilets have been tiled, the carpet is half-down in the Fellowship Hall, and the balcony floor is complete.  Come and see, go and tell.


October 6, 2005

You should be impressed with the tremendous amount of work accomplished on the building this week.  We have a roof on the Grand Foyer, the walls downstairs are painted, new toilets, drinking fountains and the elevator have been installed, the choir loft wooden floor has been laid, and the sound system and altar will be worked on next week


September 29, 2005

New tables and chairs and cabinets have arrived for the Sunday Church School.  The downstairs has been painted and needs carpeting before we can have classes.  Partitions are ready to be installed.  The roof over the Grand Foyer is nearly complete, and then the work on the walls begins.  Toilets have tiles, electricity has a new home, and the heat is waiting only for the gas hook-up.  If you think you will be cold this Sunday, please bring a sweater.  We have no coat racks, so use the pews for now.


September 22, 2005

Our building is making progress, and the new Grand Foyer is almost enclosed.  Plasterers, painters, electricians, plumbers and men from the heating company have all been present this week.


September 21, 2005

Pouring the concrete floor in the foyer, thanks to Mara Berndt.


September 15, 2005 Update

The building is making great progress with the new nursery being painted, the sanctuary floor taking shape, and the downstairs classrooms coming together.  It is a good time to be the church.


September 08, 2005 Update

Progress continues at the building, although I wish it would show more visible changes.  Walls are up, wires are in, and much has been done, but more is yet to get us ready for SCS.  Keep the good thoughts coming.


September 01, 2005 Update

In spite of Wednesday's rain, the building project has made noticeable advances.  The walls are up in the nursery and main floor areas, the walls are up for the Grand Foyer (it is a large space), and plumbing and electrical needs are being met.  We hope to be able to use much of the main floor and lower level by mid-September.  The elevator people have been here and all kinds of good things are happening.  It is my hope that you will make an effort to share the excitement.  We appreciate the generosity of so many that are making this happen.  Are there any more of you who would like to make sure that everything we should have is provided  so that this build is a center for mission in  our community?  Your ongoing support is vital.


August 25, 2005 Update

Our building has had a number of electricians, plumbers and carpenters making significant progress with heating, bathrooms and framing the walls of the new Grand Foyer.  The entrance areas have been outlined with base materials, and the idea that this is really a CONstruction project rather than a DEstruction project is starting to take shape.  Much of the space should be functional by mid-September.  Sunday Church School is shooting for a Sept. 25th starting date. We are in the process of securing information for the needed tables and chairs.  We are continually impressed with the quality of work and the cooperation of the contractor, DGA.  Stop by and we can offer small tours when it is safe to do so.


August 14, 2005 Update

Those who have toured the church are amazed at the size of the project we are doing and the speed at which it is being completed.  The new sound system, though not completely in, is functioning along with the hearing loop. Please let us know if we are too loud or soft, as we can make adjustments.  The speaker cover will be painted, as well as touch ups made to the sanctuary paint.  This week the concrete floor to the grand foyer was poured and you can visualize the size of this room.  Plumbers have been busy plumbing and electricians wiring.  The LULA (elevator) roof has been installed, and the downstairs steel beams delivered for the dividers.  Sunday Church School is our highest priority and we are hoping to start by the end of September.  We are also looking for community groups that need a space to meet on a regular basis.

Inside pictures.

Outside pictures

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April 10, 2005

The Groundbreaking.