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Pastor Jeff Hedin
28 Lincoln Ave.
Pittsford, New York 14534
Phone: (585) 586-0580

Mailing address:
P.O. Box
Pittsford, New York 14534

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St. Paul's Staff
  Name/Position Phone
Pastor Jeff Hedin

Jeff Hedin
Senior Pastor

586-0580 (office)
739 3734 (cell)
385-8663 (home)
(try cell phone before trying home phone)

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Janet Harris
Janet Harris
Church Coordinator

586-0580 (office)

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Eileen Whitaker
Eileen Whitaker
Volunteer Coordinator


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Susan Kiseleski

Susan Kiseleski
Nursery attendant

288-5415 Click to email
Chris Petit
Christopher T. Petit
Minister of Music
315-4777 Click to email
Alisa Piccirilli
Alisa Piccirilli
LYO Advisor
624-2724 Click to email
Tiffany Laird
LYO Advisor
752-7576 Click to email
David Haroian

David Haroian
Church Sexton

586-0580 (office) Click to email

Wayne Pittenger

Wayne S. Pittenger
Pastor Emeritus

Al Herpich

Al Herpich

Laura Patchen
Laura Patchen
385-0419 Click to email


St. Paul's Church Council 2015-16
Office Name Phone Email
The President
President Laurie Zaucha 248-3852 Click to email
The Veep

Vice President

Mutual Ministry Liason

Terry Kelley 381-0409 Click to email

Recording Secretary


Tom Picarilli 624-2724 Click to email
Treasurer Mike Patchen 385-0419 Click to email

Property & Maintenance Laison

Robin Lancaster 953-1131 Click to email
Youth Laison Natalie Hammer 267-7456 Click to email

Evangelism & Outreach

Ried Cunningham 203-1019 Click to email

Finance Committee Chair

Dale Pena 704-2386 Click to email

Membership Committee Co-Chair

Mary Pena 704-2386 Click to email
Anne Worship and Music Anne Luebke 264-0622 Click to email

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