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"Growing In Faith" Mission Appeal campaign
Thank you!      Bill Wallace.

Now there are two ways to pledge: Paper or Internet

Paper Pledge Forms

Mission Appeal Commitment Form (pdf)

Operational Budget Pledge Form (pdf)

Internet Pledge Forms

(you will recieve a confidential letter in the mail confirming your pledge.)


Graced By The Past

In 2004, the congregation of St. Paul’s acted on a vision that would transport them into a dynamic future.  Through God’s grace and the generous gifts of faithful members, new and renewed facilities were provided to accommodate growth, welcome future disciples of all ages, and create an enhanced worship environment for a more diverse community of members and guests. 

We truly believe we are well on our way toward achieving that vision!  Our welcoming entrance, spacious narthex, renovated classrooms and offices, elevator, easily accessible restrooms and updated facilities all work together to create a safer, more inviting and accessible place for members and friends to worship, learn, serve and reach out to our community. Our expanded space has been used for receptions, dinners, bazaars and barbecues.  Connections increase because hospitality abounds.  Clearly, the Spirit is alive and working among us!

Welcoming the Future

The future we dreamed about three years ago is now here!  With great joy, we have been witnessing “the things we hoped for” coming to fruition:

  • The successful completion of our planned capital improvement project!
  • Increased community involvement!
  • Growth of our youth and new family membership!
  • A friendly, supportive Christian environment!
  • A more diverse congregation where all are openly welcomed to our services and opportunities for spiritual growth!
  • Community use of our space continues to grow!
  • Enthusiastic financial support for landscaping, narthex furniture, hymnals and other improvement projects!
  • Increased giving for operational budget requirements!
  • Our members have met, and in some cases exceeded, their Capital Appeal pledges of $570,000 over the past 3 years!

Growing in Faith!

Our congregation has certainly witnessed the truth of the words: “With God all things are possible!”   Each day of these last three years has brought new joys, increased trust in God’s promises, a growing commitment to living out our mission, and a stronger confidence in our future.  Now it is time to build on this momentum so that we can continue growing in faith

In order to secure and enhance our future, we are launching a three-year Mission Appeal to reduce our 1 Million dollar mortgage.  This appeal will allow our congregation to provide sufficient funding to meet the following challenges:

  • Support our $6840 per month ($82,080 per year) mortgage payment.
  • Pay $100,000 per year for a period of 4 years on the mortgage principal.  This  will reduce total interest paid by approximately $300,000 and reduce our mortgage term by approximately 10 years.

In addition, we hope that each member or family would prayerfully consider increasing their giving to the annual operating budget.  This would allow us to accomplish the following goals:

  • Provide funds for future ministries:
  • Strengthen our Lutheran Youth Organization and support the growth of our programs for younger children.
  • Continue to grow our music ministries through development of a teen-age ensemble, increased publicity of our musical offerings, and enhancements of our current instruments and staff positions.
  • Provide funds for pending maintenance projects.

During our initial capital appeal we were reminded by Luther that we follow the will of God not only because it is His will, but also because we are grateful for His blessings and promises.  Here at St. Paul’s we are filled with gratitude for the many ways God has blessed us in our life together.  We have a strong vision for the future of our congregation.  With God’s help, we have met the challenge to renew our facilities in order to assist us in the achievement of that vision.  Now we are called to give generously towards the achievement of the above goals so that together we can realize our vision to be:

Graced by the Past--

Welcoming the Future--

Growing in Faith!