St. Paul's Property and Maintenance Database

# Date Submitted Submitted by Repair needed Location Priority Date Completed Assigned to Comments
0 Repair crown molding Office, conf room High Ron and Harry Have to move piano and desk first
5 Jan-10 Gary Replace steeple shingles Church, ext Future Ted One bid $35,000. In a few years.
7 Insulate pipes Basement Low Gary Pipe insulation was purchased and is in basement store room. Gary has said he will install.
9 July 06 P&M Exterior painting - get quote in Feb or Mar Exterior Ron Church E, S, & tower done 10/08,W done 09, N done 11, Gar.13, Off.east 14,
11 Repair front concrete step Office, ext. High Jamie (Harry) Harry will get estimate and recomendations from contractor
21 10/28/2016 Robin Repair peeling paint in sanctuary, north side Sanctuary Med. Robin Might be paint in paint room in office basement
22 10/28/2016 Michelle Install 20 amp circuit in office (for AC) Office, secretary Harry to contact Marty Lawson. Harry to let Ron know when he and Marty want to come and look at it.
24 10/28/2016 Ron Faucet drip Basement, womans room Ted Replace washers or perhaps all new faucets. Check men
25 10/28/2016 Ron Faucet drip - utility sink Office basement Ted Replace washers or perhaps all new faucets.
31 10/29/2016 Ted Replace weatherstrips for parking lot portico door Entrance Ted Ted looking for whisker type weatherstips
34 11/19/2016 Dick Poduska Major cleanup of storage area Basement Rent dumpster.
37 11/27/2016 Paul Shoop Move altar forward Sanctuary Ron Explore possibilities, but wait for new pastor to see if desired.
45 1/23/2017 Ron Repair hole in sanctuary floor Sanctuary. between pews H Ron Put piece of supporting wood underneath and then fill with floor leveling compound.
49 2/6/2017 Ron Move desk in conference room Conference room Ron disassemble desk and move to attic of office bldg.
51 2/6/2017 Ron Refurbish pews Sanctuary Med Ted Possible project for Boy Scout(s). Ted to research and try materials.
61 4/6/2017 Sue Comer Refurbish old basement bathrooms--paint, new tile, towel dispensor, new sinks, etc Basement of sanctuary Scouts?
63 4/6/2017 Sue Comer Paint stair rail and other trim in NW stair tower NW stair tower Scouts? Even better fix would be striping and restaining.
69 4/15/2017 Holly Haynes Clean downstairs women's bathroom Basement
70 5/8/2017 Carole Sack Build cabinet for puppets - to hold puppet rack that is currently in office attic Sunday School Room (Natalie) L Ted in contact with carpenter
71 5/21/2017 Harry Fitzpatrick Pew back separated from seat Left side, about 10 rows front Harry and Ron Need pipe clamps to hold in place and then securely fasten
73 5/1/2017 Ron toilet in basement men's room needs new flapper Basement Ted In progress
74 5/15/2017 Michelle Install a lock box in the sacristy for the wine cabinet key Sacristy On Hold pending review by council as to need
75 7/2/2017 Ted Renail trim pieces on the backs of all the pews Sanctuary
76 7/2/2017 Robin Repair broken kneeler Sanctuary

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