St. Paul's Property and Maintenance Database

#Date SubmittedSubmitted byRepair neededLocation
0 5/1/2015 Clyde Repair stockade fence Exterior
1 Repair crown molding Office, conf room
2 Miniblinds for west door School building
3 Repair dead outlets Music room upper
4 12/6/2006 Clyde Patch holes & panel in electric room Church, basement
5 Jan-10 (app) Gary Relocate/upgrade sacristy toilet Church, sacristy
6 Jan-10 Gary Replace steeple shingles Church, ext
7 Discard surplus ceiling fans Throughout
8 Insulate pipes Basement
9 Provide attic storm, west Office attic
10 July 06 P&M Exterior painting - get quote in Feb or Mar Exterior
11 Install hand rails office basement stairs Office, basement
12 Repair front concrete step Office, ext.
13 10/15/2016 Gary Fix Toro Lawn Mower (muffler) Exterior
14 10/15/2016 Ron Paint door frame at entrance to green room Interior
15 10/15/2016 Ron Brighter (25W Led) light for altar cross Interior
16 10/15/2016 Ron Repair Parking Lot Light - LED on Office Bldg Exterior
17 10/25/2016 Ron Repair food bank chest foyer
18 10/25/2016 Ron Hang coat rack in hand bell room School, 2nd, HB
19 10/25/2016 Ron Hang coat rack in green room Green Room
20 10/25/2016 Ron Repair hole in green room wall in back of door to balcany. Green room
21 10/25/2016 Ron Install Security camera system Office, secretary
22 10/28/2016 Robin Repair peeling paint in sanctuary, north side Sanctuary
23 10/28/2016 Michelle Install 20 amp circuit in office (for AC) Office, secretary
24 10/28/2016 Ron Replace mini blinds Conference room
25 10/28/2016 Ron Faucet drip Basement, womans room
26 10/28/2016 Ron Faucet drip - utility sink Office basement
27 10/28/2016 Ron Clean Natalies SS room Basement
28 10/28/2016 Gary Replace batteries in Exit signs Various
29 10/28/2016 GFI Receptacles in sacristy Sacristy
30 10/28/2016 Chris Petit Construct Vocalion Organ blower box Reed Organ in Dorcas Room
31 10/28/2016 Ron Discard old doors in basement store room Basement
32 10/29/2016 Ted Replace weatherstrips for parking lot portico door Entrance
33 10/1/2016 Gary Replace muffler and remove broken bolt on Toro lawnmower Garage
34 10/17/2016 Michelle Josephson Repair piano bench Basement
35 11/19/2016 Dick Poduska Major cleanup of storage area Basement
36 11/23/2016 Anonymous Close all storm windows Office
37 11/20/2016 Michelle Re-key Michelles and pastors office locks Office
38 11/27/2016 Paul Shoop Move altar forward Sanctuary
39 12/11/2016 Ron Repair one of the snowblowers. Mechanism to direct outlet is not working Garage
40 12/12/2016 Alisa Install locking doorknob on Bookkeeper Bookkeeper
41 12/18/2016 Ron Office toilet runs Office
42 12/18/2016 Ron Balcony toilet runs Balcony
43 Nov. 20, 2016 Anonymous Close the storm windows. It Office
44 12/24/2016 Ron Replace loose outlets in sanctuary Sanctuary
45 12/30/2016 Ron Weather stripping around attic door Office building
46 1/23/2017 Ron Repair hole in sanctuary floor Sanctuary. between pews
47 2/6/2017 Various Replace carpet in Sanctuary Sanctuary
48 2/3/2017 Paul Shoop Water Drip near Washington St. entrance to sanctuary near Washington St. entrance t
49 2/6/2017 Ron Additional circuits on coffee shelf Foyer
50 2/6/2017 Ron Move desk in conference room Conference room
51 2/6/2017 Ron Move piano in conference room Conference room
52 2/6/2017 Ron Refurbish pews Sanctuary
53 2/6/2017 Ron Replace spot lights in sanctuary balcony Balcony
54 2/12/2016 Paul Shoop Secure steps to pulpit Sanctuary
55 3/22/2017 Michelle Michelle's office door won't lock Office bldg.
56 3/22/2017 Marlys Fischer Sink with garbage disposal drains slowly Dorcas Kitchen
57 3/30/2017 Janaka Janakas key doesnt work well in Washington Street door Door
58 3/30/2017 Ted Hamm Loose trim strips on pews Sanctuary
59 4/6/2017 Ron Spot cleaning of foyer carpet Grand Foyer
60 4/6//2017 Sue Comer Turn Wash St. coat room into a donation room, with boxes for all the donation collections. near Washington St. entrance
61 4/6/2017 Sue Comer Add additional shelves/cupboards in basement aisle basement
62 4/6/2017 Sue Comer Refurbish old basement bathrooms--paint, new tile, towel dispensor, new sinks, etc Basement of sanctuary
63 4/6/2017 Sue Comer Clean/paint white baseboards and doors in basement basement of ed bldg
64 4/6/2017 Sue Comer Paint stair rail and other trim in NW stair tower NW stair tower
65 4/9/17 Jen Canning Set up bike rack
66 5/3/2017 Pastor Shoop Rekey all exterior locks All exterior locks
67 5/2/2017 Mara Berndt Investigate Gas odor Office building
68 5/1/2017 Laura Patchen Replace the battery in the clock in the adult forum room Adult forum Room
69 4/28/2017 Michelle Josephson Repair door stop on door to office area from foyer Office bldg.
70 4/15/2017 Holly Haynes Clean downstairs women's bathroom Basement
71 5/8/2017 Carole Sack Build cabinet for puppets - to hold puppet rack that is currently in office attic Sunday School Room (Natalie)
72 5/21/2017 Harry Fitzpatrick Pew back separated from seat Left side, about 10 rows front
73 5/21/2017 Ron Green Lawn Mower won't start Garage
74 5/1/2017 Ron toilet in basement men's room needs new flapper Basement
75 5/15/2017 Michelle Install a lock box in the sacristy for the wine cabinet key Sacristy
76 7/2/2017 Ted Renail trim pieces on the backs of all the pews Sanctuary
77 7/2/2017 Robin Repair broken kneeler Sanctuary

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